17 days

haven't blogged for 17 days. whew. antagal. para akong nawala sa sibilisasyon. not that i was away really. i've been checking my mail almost everyday, and i've been visiting this blog from time to time. tinatamad lang talagang magblog. m getting tired of trying to compose my thoughts in the dead of the night, lalo na if my eyelids are dropping.
what have i been up to lately? hmmm...a lot actually. gradcomm orientation in bulacan (sarap magnight swimming dun. impressive landscape. you wouldn't think you were right in the middle of a residential area.) gawad plaridel awards night at the hyatt (the night would've been wonderful if not for that ill-mannered canteen attendant. taray niya. pwes, tinarayan nga ng mga broad people.) roadpainting sa parking lot (daming pumunta but the sudden downpour washed off d paint...hay buhay.) faculty-student relations committee meeting (ba't ko ba binanggit to? ah, may food kasi). up diliman student summit (talk about sharing of problems with other student leaders in diliman.)
and to cap off the haggardness, j196 avp. grabe ung class na yan. got home around 6 a.m. na nung friday from an overnight editing session. three minutes lang ung avp na un ha, pero it took us that long because we had to capture audiovisual from 2 cameras, cut an 8-minute interview to 3 minutes, at kung anu-anong pang editing jobs. ang OC kasi ni rhea e hehe (ba, nagsalita). di ko pa nabanggit ung fieldwork mismo. kung sino-sino na nainterview namin, from tina langit, to kris ablan, to marco delos reyes, and, upon the insistence of rhea, pati si atom araullo na rin. but we ended up with kris ablan kasi pumalpak audio sa interview with marco. sayang, ganda pa naman sana ng setting sa nismed.
the ka-OChan did pay off. ma'am rara said, "speechless ako, parang pro." *pumapalakpak tenga.* there were glitches of course but i think we all agreed we went beyond what she was asking for so there, payback time. kim did have her moment. first clip pa lang, ma'am rara said, "you can make for a good reporter. may presence, at ok ang delivery." go kim! wag kaming kalimutan pag sikat ka na.
which reminds me--we were planning to put up our own production agency, ala probe. rhea will fit the mold of exec producer, darlene the writer/researcher, kim the talent, and me, well...cameraman, PA, bodyguard of some sorts hehe. well, pag kasama mo ba naman ung tatlo, solve ka na. (of course, d ako papayag no. i have to have a say din.)
but the best thing about the j196 experience: it's really fun! setting up an interview, setting up (the equipment) during the interview, and choosing which portions to include in the avp. whew, both an interesting and tiresome experience. ok ang fieldwork, makes you wanna shift course. pagdating sa editing, madugo. sabi ko pa, ayan, pangprint lang talaga ako. ayoko nito. but after presenting the avp in class...oh well, i changed my mind. masaya siya, and so we're excited for our next story. anong topic kaya? hmm...suggestion naman diyan...
ambagal kong magblog. isang oras na ata ako dito. neway, got to go now. kulang pa ko sa tulog and by the looks of it, marami pa kong uutangin na tulog. the next two weeks will surely be hell. what with the econ exam in a week's time (ala pa rin akong maintindihan sa mga c, x, i, X, C, I and the thought na bakit di na lang sila gumamit ng ibang letters), thesis objective and review of related lit, j122 report, socio 142 paper, sts term paper outline, and of course the j196 news feature. plus other activities pa. and tambak na readings.
haaaaaaaa *humihikab*
antok na. babu. gud morning!
have i wasted my time? apparently so.