research break

i'm sitting in front of computer 12 here in a small internet shop in surigao. i'm waiting for offices to open come 1p.m. to resume data-gathering. i've got a full afternoon ahead of me: return materials to an ngo office across the street, visit the regional mines bureau, check out city planning and devt office, meet up with a rep of an environmental organization, look for the national commission on indigenous people office, and whatever i could squeeze in.

tomorrow, when rhea arrives (plus her yaya, er, companion--hehe), we're going to nonoc, just a one-hour boatride from surigao. we'll be back sunday morning. then we leave for cebu sunday night and fly to manila monday. heck, i have to catch a 5pm class.

pretty tough schedule but i like this more than sitting in class. you won't believe it but last wednesday, i was sleeping during philo class. it wasn't really a philo class but a lecture in place of confucius, the confusing one. the topic: philosophy of life, why do we laugh and cry? (don't ask me, i wasn't listening).

maybe i was too preoccupied with the tons of things i had to do before leaving. i left for cebu yesterday at 7am with only 2 hours of sleep. the moment i stepped foot on the ship, and after eating of course, i had my longest sleep in weeks.

funny i should bring up the leaving part because when i got to the passenger's terminal at the airport yesterday, i saw mu reporting live for unang hirit. when i boarded the ship that night, it was her again live on 24 oras. the last time i saw here was in october, when i was still in surigao. and to think that i never saw her back in qc. hmmm... maybe i should be in surigao often...nah, wrong reason.

hemmingway (tama ba spelling?), got to go now. wish us luck in our adventures. just want to get this thesis over and done with. hopefully with good results.

life is beautiful