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sa tinagal-tagal ko nang hindi nagbablog, ayan, nakalimutan ko na tuloy password. haven't posted anything in two months!

wazzup with me? busy as usual. spent 3 weeks in surigao last sembreak for thesis (i don't know if 3 weeks is ever enough) only to leave the materials gathering dust for the next month or so. sobrang dami lang talagang ginagawa--from the council's cultural night to the lantern parade and other extracurricular activities...i thought they'd never end.

now, thesis jitters are coming in as we struggle to transcribe mounds of materials...buti na lang mas nagpapanic partner ko (at least i don't have to do the panicking waah)...sana matapos na to...abrakadabra...

come to think of it, when classes resume on jan 3, 3 months na lang before college ends (well, we all hope to graduate on time). it's been a pretty fast ride. di ko halos namalayan. i remember my emilio aguinaldo days in first year, plus the rotc adventure. nag-attempt pang magdebsoc. who'd forget abastillas and santillan?

then upjc came in. that was second year. di pa nakontento sa kangaragan na dala ni avecilla at carlos, nagtutorial center pa. then came kapuluan.

pamatay naman commres 101 ni sir sherwin nung third year, buti na lang andun si ma'am jane... to cap off the kahibangan, i took 5 journ subjects in the second sem. naweirdohan pa kay mam dela cruz ng socio, then aktib-aktiban pa sa cor. sumali pa ng greenminds. tumakbo pa! whee, mamatay-matay na halos ako after the sem.

pero pinakainteresting part? summer. internship + pi 100 ni sir atienza = walang tulugan. pero masaya. twas short but sweet. woke up every single morning looking forward to the day's work and actually enjoying each minute of it, kahit panay chowking ang kinakain.

then first sem of my last year (in college naman) came. puyatan sa tv journ class ni mam rara, gaguhan sa sts presentation, at kalituhan sa isa na namang socio class. tuloy-tuloy na til second sem, walang hingahan. one last stretch ika nga.

if only we could stretch it some more...not only to meet deadlines, but to spend more time with people.

come to think of it, what made all these things interesting aren't the events themselves; it's the people i've met. wished i'd gotten to know them better.

pagpasensyahan ang kasentihan. ala lang mapost dito. it's good to look back once in a while. saddens you a bit but pushes you on.

here's to the final stretch!

para sa lahat ng taong di ko nakilala nang mabuti...see you somewhere, somehow, soon.

p.s. a friend of mine gave me "five people you meet in heaven" for christmas. very touching story. makes you think about the people you've met and yet you barely noticed. who knows? you might meet them in heaven.

to quote: "all endings are also beginnings. we just don't know it at the time..." tanx pam...