new york

photo credit: Mihai Andritoiu

while browsing through some pictures of one world trade center on the anniversary of 9/11, i came across the stunning photo above. it's not the typical image of new york (the one with either the brooklyn bridge, the statue of liberty or the manhattan skyline), but with the skyscrapers in the background, you just know it's the big apple.

incidentally, this photo was taken on april 6, 2013, when i was in the city (visited the memorial, hopped on a ferry, walked on wall street, dropped by some museums and took a stroll on central park). simply one of the happiest days in my life. those were the days.

how time flies, how things change.

for whatever it's worth, this was true. it happened. and i will forever cherish its memory.


sorry is probably the last thing you'll want to hear. but i really am. sorry for all the hurt, sorry for all the pain.

someday, i hope you could forgive me. someday, i hope you could smile again and bring sunshine into someone else's life, just as you did in mine. you deserve nothing but happiness.

for now, let me enjoy this darkness, this gloom, i hope i can still get out of.


tragic figure

i think i will be a tragic figure.

sucessful, maybe. able to help a lot of people, perhaps.

but in the end, never really happy, never satisfied with what life has to offer.

and so, I may just choose to run away.

or end it all.

either that, or a car crash on board my dream car will seal my fate.

happiness, where thou shall i find thee?

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