good news and a tragedy

it's official: GAGRADUATE na ako! ironically, the last grade to come out was nego haha.

and i said yes. God please guide me.

thank you Lord for all the blessings.

bless the soul of trina etong and condolences to her family. still unclear what happened; hope things clear up so the truth will come out and justice will be served.

the police are doing a lousy job. no need for warrant of arrest because of violation of obstruction of justice? what the heck? and why the cruel treatment of the suspects?

heads should roll after this.


how i spent my 24th birthday

9 april 2009

how do you spend your birthday on a maundy thursday?

i spent almost the entire day digging through mounds of accumulated readings from first year to fourth year, sorting them out and looking for the best notes and reviewers for the bar.

went to mass and confession with my lola.

went on visita iglesia with jae and erwin before heading for a late night pizza.

what a "holy" birthday. no lechon. no party. no booze. well, there's still ice cream. but it was great nonetheless.

salamat sa mga nakaalala. sa mga hindi, ayos lang, busog naman ako so no cranky time.

and to all of you who have been part of the past year: salamat nang marami. i cannot thank you enough. i don't know how to start repaying you back. si "bro" na ang bahala sa inyo.