congrats to the new LSG officers; thank you from the current LSG Executive Board

Dear friends and fellow law students,

As of 8:30 p.m. last night, we elected a new set of officers in the Law Student Government.* This ushers in a new era in Malcolm Hall, with a new Constitution and with more LSG officers to serve the students and the College.

Elected into office are the following:

Justin Vincent "JV" La Chica

James Daniel "James" Donato
Vice President

Francesca Noelle "Cesca" Huang

Joseph Cristopher "Chris" Fernandez

Raymond Marvic "Ice" Baguilat

Maria Cristina "Shamby" Yambot
College Rep to the USC

Krizelle Marie "Krizelle" Poblacion
Danilo "Dan" Sebollena Jr.
4th year reps

Anna Maria Vinzons "Anna" Chato
Ma. Florence Therese "Chingkay" Martirez
3rd year reps

James Anthony "Tonton" Mina
Juan Antonio "Tonyboy" Oposa
2nd year reps

Darwin "Darwin" Angeles
Evening rep

*First year reps to be elected at the start of the next academic year.

Congratulations to the new LSG Central Board. Good luck and may you have a successful and productive year ahead!

On behalf of the current LSG Executive Board, our sincerest thank you to everyone for all the help and support throughout the year. It has been one hell of a journey. Tiring and frustrating at times, but fulfilling nevertheless. If we failed to meet your expectations, we apologize. We'll do our best in the remaining days in office to try to achieve what we have set out to do. Please continue supporting the new set of officers.

Again, maraming maraming salamat.

UP LSG EB 08-09. Jobert. Arianne. Bernice. Aaron. Janette. Sop.

Michael Jobert I. Navallo
Outgoing President, Law Student Government
University of the Philippines College of Law
Mobile: 09277930026
Landline: 410-0137
E-mail: jobertn@gmail.com


Sectoral Representation: A Forum to Consolidate Efforts to Amend the Party-list System


Feb 26, '09 1:00p
End: Feb 26, '09 4:00p


Prof. Bobby Tuazon
Director of Policy Study, Publication and Advocacy, Center for People Empowerment in Governance (CenPEG), which conducted a 10-year Assessment of the Party-List System in the Philippines

Dr. Edna Co
Associate Professor, UP National College of Public Administration and Governance; member of the Philippine Democracy Assessment Team on Free and Fair Elections and the Democratic Role of Political Parties;

Atty. Christian Monsod
Delegate to the 1986 Constitutional Commission and co-sponsor of the party-list provision in the 1987 Constitution and a Representative from the Committee on Suffrage and Electoral Reforms of the House of Representatives


it's official: HOLIDAY on MONDAY (for schools only)

Proclamation 1728 (Declaring February 23, 2009 as Special Holiday for All Schools)




WHEREAS, this year marks the 23rd anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution;

WHEREAS, the historic event which restored and ushered political, social and economic reforms in the country, serves as an inspiration to Filipinos everywhere as we continue to chart our collective effort as a nation and as a people;

WHEREAS, it is but fitting that the entire Filipino nation be given the opportunity to observe this milestone in our country’s history;

NOW, THREFORE, I, EDUARDO R. ERMITA, Executive Secretary, by order of Her Excellency, PRESIDENT GLORIA MACAPAGAL-ARROYO, do hereby declare February 23, 2009 (Monday) as a special holiday for all private and public schools at all levels throughout the country.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the Republic of the Philippines to be affixed.

DONE in the City of Manila, this 19th day of February, in the year of Our Lord, Two Thousand and Nine.

By order of the President:

Executive Secretary

too bad may hearing ako. at wala talaga akong pasok ng monday.



At around lunchtime on Wednesday, January 28, 2009, an Upsilonian was attacked by two fellow-UP students while he was attending class inside the Very Large Classroom of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering building. According to his brods, the victim was hit on the head by lead pipes, causing injuries which require confinement for several days. The assailants managed to escape despite security presence but were allegedly identified to be members of Sigma Rho Fraternity.


The incident followed several weeks of rumors that an on-going frat war exists between Sigma Rho and Upsilon. Until the incident last week, both frats denied any hostilities between them.


To prevent further escalation of tension and in view of the fact that the two frats have substantial membership in the college, the Dean's Office has temporarily banned non-law students from entering the premises of the college, from last Saturday until the next few days. Security personnel will inspect IDs and strictly implement the NO ID NO ENTRY policy. Police officers will also continue to be detailed in different areas of the Law Complex.


This is apart from the Memorandum issued by the College Secretary on 23 January 2009 prohibiting non-law students and strangers from loitering within the UP Law Complex. The Memorandum was meant to address concerns from some students that quite a number of non-law students have been frequenting the college. Some students complained of parking problems while others claimed to have been intimidated by the mere presence of a group of unfamiliar faces along the walkways. There is also the fear that attacks, similar to what happened at EEE, might take place inside the classrooms—a reasonable fear given previous incidents in the college.


In response to measures from the College Admin to ensure the security and safety of everyone in the Complex, we at the Law Student Government Executive Board echo the call for sobriety and cooperation.


We call on our fellow students to be vigilant and to report any suspicious behavior. Please WEAR YOUR ID at all times. This is to assist security personnel in ensuring that only those with official business in the college will roam the halls of the complex.


We call on the frats concerned to AVOID TAKING ANY FURTHER STEPS THAT MIGHT PROVOKE UNNECESSARY VIOLENCE. We understand that a truce has been reached; our challenge is for you to live up to your word. If, at all, the urge to hurt each other is uncontrollable, please spare innocent students from the wrath of your vengeance. Please do not compromise our security with a show of your machismo.


We call on the heads of Sigma Rho and Upsilon as well as those of the other frats to POLICE YOUR RANKS. As law students, we should be first in making sure that the laws are followed by those over whom we exercise moral authority. We call on alumni brods of these fraternities, including professors in the college, to exercise your influence over your resident brods. Please do not encourage nor condone irresponsible and criminal behavior.


We call on the UP Administration to MOVE QUICKLY TO INVESTIGATE THE EEE INCIDENT AND ALL PREVIOUS CASES OF FRATERNITY-RELATED VIOLENCE. Let us not give aggrieved parties an excuse to retaliate solely on the basis of a perceived lack of action.


The LSG EB CONDEMNS ALL ACTS OF SENSELESS VIOLENCE, whether within our college or outside. There is simply no excuse for committing a crime, moreso, if law students, supposedly learned in the law and presumably law-abiding citizens, are involved.


The security and safety of the students, both affiliated and unaffiliated, is our primary concern. Let's do our part to end this cycle of violence. We've heard it said before, we are saying it now and we will continue to do so until our goal is met: END THE VIOLENCE. It's time to grow up.





new number: 09277930026

hi! i lost my phone to a pickpocket while on my way home last night. gone along with it are your contact numbers and messages. i'm now in the process of trying to move on hehe. so here's my new number: 09277930026. please text me so i can store your number. thanks!

Michael Jobert I. Navallo
President, Law Student Government
University of the Philippines College of Law
Mobile: 09277930026
Landline: 410-0137
E-mail: jobertn@gmail.com



i lost my phone to a pickpocket while on my way home tonight. stupid me.

even more stupid, i decided to rely on good faith and texted my phone to plead to the pickpocket to please return my SIM card. that, of course, was an exercise in futility because the pickpocket turned the phone off when i tried calling. poor SIM must be lying around somewhere in katipunan.

so i'm incommunicado for the meantime. send me an email at jobertn@gmail.com if you need anything. better if you give me your number too so i can start rebuilding my contacts. will text you as soon as i get a new number.

hay, bakit ngayon pa!



i've succumbed to facebook! actually, i reactivated my account just so i can invite more people to vote in the UP Law Students' Constitution Plebiscite, Feb. 2-4, 2008, Student Lounge. pathetic, i know, but i'm desperate haha.

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