married...to work

i was watching al jazeera tonight when i chanced upon riz khan's one on one with mike wallace, a veteran u.s.-based journalist, who recently retired from cbs' 60 minutes.

there was something he said which caught my attention:

"i was self-absorbed...i was married to my job that i neglected my family."

why do i get the feeling that if i choose to be a journalist, i'm going to end up like him?

so maybe that's why i'm in law school. i don't want to end up that way.

then again, lawyering is another toxic profession. no guarantees there of not ending up the same way.

maybe i'd be less passionate about my job as a lawyer than i would've been as a journalist. or maybe not.


ay mali!

what's the worst thing you could give on the birthday of a one-year-old child?

a pink dress.

because the child's a boy!

stupid me.