i'm leaving later this morning for naga. we'll help repair a school, teach children and go on excursions and a tour around bicol. i'm more than excited i should say. sa 14 pa ang balik ko.

came from coron last weekend. that was really fun. two days of island-hopping, swimming, snorkling, rafting (and of course some working sessions in the evening)...what a welcome break after a really long, agonizing sem. and to think i just turned in a mediocre paper the day we left for a philo class--by mediocre i mean 11 pages, double-spaced, na tadtad pa ng spacing in between paragraphs. a terrible experience pero given the circumstances, that was the best i could have done. to my surprise, sir mendoza gave me a 1 haha. ambait, sobra.

mp177 was a different story. after spending countless nights and days doing the 50-page tv script, i got a 2! pero ok na rin yun kaysa inincomplete nya ako for submitting a definitely-below-ricky-lee-standard script.

wow, this sem's really groundbreaking. got a 4 in an exam in anthro (but not to worry, i'll pass), nasabon sa interview sa gma, at kung anu-ano pang kamalasan. on the positive side, got to debate with ms evang in class, traveled to other places more than 5 times i guess within the sem...what more could i ask for? (not that i'm so proud of a 4, but my wish came true: finally, masasabi ko nang complete ang college life ko. at may social life ako. lovelife...hmmm...it must have been love, but it's over now haha)

just turned in the bound copies of thesis yesterday. ang sarap ng pakiramdam. that's the ultimate sign na gagraduate ka na, yipee! now, we're just counting the days til 24...hope everything turns out really well.

stayed in maskom for some time yesterday. it feels weird na wala nang tao. maskom pa na maingay, masaya, magulo. will surely miss it. i know law school will definitely be different but what can i say...some good things come at a certain price.

which reminds me, i should be making some improvements in this blog some time soon. pagbalik ko siguro. i'll try to put in some really good journalistic stories. this site, after all, will be my sole outlet for my journalistic side. it's sad. 4 years kang nag-aral and you won't even get to practice what you've learned. and the opportunities that you only used to dream of are now coming to you pero kailangan mong tanggihan.

well, who knows what His plans are. i hope i'm stronger now to face them. i hope it's not too late. a basta, live each day a moment at a time. and make the best out of it. at least i've got some words to live by: every waking moment is a chance to do good and to do better.

i wish the Pope well. i'm sure he'll be in heaven. and to all the people who have recently left this temporary abode--terri schiavo, prince rainier of monaco, limee, the up eng'g student, at kung sino pa man--we'll see you soon. for the meantime, do watch over us, ok?

so far so good so far

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