survived 1 month in law school, and counting...

1 month in law school is incomparable to a sem in undergrad, at least in terms of study load. i never knew i could extend the limits of dorkiness, staying up til 3 a.m. everyday trying to figure out how justices, known only by their family names, determined the fate of erring people.

some things i learned?

you study and study but you'd wish you won't get called...you learn to pray in the process

studying increases the appetite.

some profs can be endearing even if they shout at you, belittle your capabilities and make you feel stupid.

i've learned some jokes, finally, albeit legal jokes at that. (example: mahilig talaga ang mga pinoy sa lutuan. baboy, manok, baka, isda, pati nga eleksyon niluluto!--naisip ko lang to ha, didn't copy this from somebody else. text me for feedback, i.e. corny!)

and 5's don't hurt anymore (promise!).

thank God for blockmates. they make life less difficult. (that goes for old ones too, miss ko na kayo.)

law school is so high school...only in your dreams


cyril said...

as usual corny ang joke =)

pero miss na kita

anyway, may kilala ka bang shaly sanchez?

kate said...

since lutuan naman at pagkain, ipapasa ko na.

hmpf sige jan ka na bagong blockmates mo! hmpfff! =p

msgrievance said...

ngek!! joke mo jobert na jobert pa rin...

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Anonymous said...

a e, inaamag na ata yung blog mo, hehe