Fellow UP Law students:

UP President Emerlinda Roman has recently approved the new Academic Calendar for 2008-2009, which will observe a MONDAYS-OFF policy. This is to avoid interruption of classes on Mondays, in view of RA 9492, which mandates that most holidays, except those with religious significance, will be shifted to the nearest Monday.

The memo mentions that regular class schedules will now fall on Tuesay-Thursday and Wednesday-Friday, instead of the usual Monday-Thursday and Tuesday-Friday sched. Obviously, the memo refers to the schedule of other colleges, notably undergrad. However, since the rule applies to all, the College of Law is expected to comply with this memo, even if we don't follow the undergrad sched.

It is in this light that Prof. Lumba, the College Secretary, has asked the Law Student Government for its position on this matter. If we want, the college can file a letter asking for exemption from the said rule, but only if the students do not agree to such policy.

We, the incoming Executive Board, have our own diverging views on this matter. We thought it best however to consult you guys about it. Please send us an email at jobertn@gmail.com or reply to this post by SUNDAY NIGHT. We will furnish Prof. Lumba, Associate Dean Daway and Dean Carlota, a copy of your comments.

It is the General Assembly however which will express the official stand of the students. Even as you reply to this post, please inform your block presidents about your vote and please remind him/her to relay that vote to the officers of the GA by SUNDAY NIGHT also.

We apologize for the short notice. Prof. Lumba talked to us just this afternoon. We laud his effort to consult the students on this important matter.

Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon.

Law Student Government Executive Board '08-'09

(Feel free to repost and forward this message to your block egroups. Thanks!)

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