bakit kailangan pang mabuhay, kung lahat naman tayo mamamatay?

“bakit (daw) kailangan pang mabuhay, kung lahat naman tayo papunta sa death,” this is what jose lorenzo tan, the ateneo student who killed himself, allegedly told his father when he was still alive (article of Melnie Ragasa-Jimena). the 24-year-old locked himself in a room in ateneo, burned charcoal and suffocated himself to death.

sayang. dami pa siguro nyang nagawa had he chosen to live. not all students get to take postgrad studies in ateneo. not all get to study in ateneo even. and definitely not everyone gets to study at all. he could've done more.

but of course, i couldn't blame him. i can't really say how much depression can alter one's perception of things. this isn't the first time someone killed himself out of depression (in fact, this is the third time i'm blogging about it; i must be obsessed with this topic haha). i'm sure many more will follow. still, isn't it sad each time it happens?

i wish the guy knew what he was giving up when he committed suicide. i wish he had the answer to his question. i wish i had the answer to his question.

i guess the purpose of having a life that is fleeting is to encourage a human being to lead a life that is well-lived and to make the most out of it. when you know that something beautiful will come to an end, you'd treasure it more and appreciate each passing day better. for what difference will one day make when you know that it will just be another day in a never-ending series? but one day will surely mean a lot when you know it's your last. imagine what you can do!

so before you take that knife, or that rope or what have you, consider this:

why choose to live?

because every waking moment is a chance to do good...and to do better. treasure it while it lasts.

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