lessons from Steve Jobs

image courtesy of jonathan mak

when i posted my last entry with steve jobs's 2005 commencement speech in stanford university, i had a strong feeling he won't last very long. i just saw a picture of him, frail in a scary way, posted on a website (a product of poor editorial judgment, i must say) and he looked as if he could go anytime soon.

less than a month after my last post, he is gone. steve jobs died on wednesday, peacefully and in the company of his family and friends, as the official statement said. he was 56, at the prime of his life. gone too soon perhaps, but not without leaving so much for humankind to cherish.

so thank you steve jobs, not just for revolutionizing the world through technology, but for leaving us lessons to learn from. your brilliance and ingenuity may never be matched in our lifetime and for generations to come.

here's a resolve that i will find what i love. perhaps not now but someday, i will.

Thank you Steve Jobs, RIP. You will be missed but your legacy will live on.

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