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this is probably the longest time i haven’t posted an entry on my blog. been reviewing some of my entries for the past days and it occurred to me that they were really long…and quite boring too. so i’m out to outdo myself. will try to keep entries as short as possible. i hope i don’t miss out on the exciting stuff (if any).

just to give you an update: the congressman story got published in the metro section last wednesday. got a tagline for that. the following day, thursday, the sole story i wrote about on wednesday landed in the metrobriefs section. twas about this 17-year-old guy who was shot because he ran after two robbers who held-up the passengers of the jeepney he was riding (sorry if it sounds mind-boggling—i’m on a hurry so i can’t think of a better way to tell the story in one sentence). i didn’t get any story published today because i never got to write one yesterday. i covered this peace covenant in pasig city where only the “implementors” of the election participated—no politicians whatsoever. (you call that a covenant?)

yesterday was really a long day. woke up late at around 6 a.m. to get to my 7 a.m. class. then, i went to san juan to check out some of the polling places and then to comelec to pester (that’s what they thought i was doing anyway) some officials there who happen to hate the inquirer. then, on to deped before going to pasig to cover the peace covenant i was talking about.

by 5:30, we (sir luige, charlie and i) had to head for the inquirer office in makati for another meeting. forgive me if i’m not gonna share all the details but i must say it’s fun being in a room with around 30 of you sharing that same passion for journalism (at least i think ha), not to mention that most of you happen to be blockmates, and that, except for a few, most of you can rightfully be described as “the youth.” we haven’t even met the more senior reporters of pdi who had a meeting the previous night. would have been nice knowing and meeting them. are they nice or do they have ego problems? how patient are they? how do they deal with people? (you see, i’ve always had this impulse every time i visit the office to go to the newsroom and pester everyone with my set of kulit questions—huh, that would’ve ruined their day. i wonder what they’ll do…hmmm…feeling naughty, bratty boy si jobert.)

the meeting ended at almost 11, but as a bonus, we did get some “funds” though (oil to keep the engine running) and an inq shirt. and our press ids. too bad we can’t keep it. management is so paranoid about us using the id for other purposes.

anyway, i got home at around 12 mn. i was trying my best to read up on noli because i should’ve been finished reading by now but my eyes were hurting already so i gave up and set the alarm at 4:30. failed to wake up this morning though, and i almost got late again.

so there, didn’t get to read again. it’s a good thing sir atienza had other things in mind for this morning’s discussion so i was saved. but not totally. when we resume classes on wed next week, we’ll have our exam. i wonder how i’ll ever finish reading the book, not to mention the thought of how to study for it considering that i won’t be having a free day until next, next week. i’m keeping my fingers crossed. who knows, something alarming might happen? we have to be there all the time.

today was no better than yesterday. had to finish a pi project so i went to deped only after lunch. found no stories in san juan but the one thing i wrote about this afternoon was about bayani fernando’s campaign to vote for gloria in marikina. i don’t think it will come out tomorrow.

was already all set to cover lakas mayoralty bet erick san juan’s miting de avance tonight but at the last minute he cancelled it, crying sabotage. so tomorrow, i’m expecting to cover jv ejercito’s rally at night. will go around the town in the morning.

oh well, it’s only 9:30 but my eyelids are dropping again. gotta get some lost sleep…but not now…soon!

have a nice day/night folks! don’t forget to vote come may 10. this is our fight.

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