weird. someone added me sa friendster because she saw my name on meg magazine. my name on MEG MAGAZINE? how did that happen?

i forgot. i did give florian a brief answer re: summer romance. does it really happen? i said i don't think so. i didn't think so, that is. oh well, i still don't. those stuffs never last, especially if one just happens to be on vacation. and it's babye after. long distance love? good luck.

anyway, tumambay lang ako sa inq office this am. with sir gerry and trina, and jo. did get some inside scoop though, haha. it's cold there, literally. geesh, i miss my internship days. kung pwede lang...

pwede naman talaga. it's just that i don't have the time anymore. reg na next week. council matters later this week. plus another commitment.

anyway, stay tuned for internship journal. will post them pretty soon. from may 8-15, the days i wasn't able to post entries. do read them, k? and tag along. that's more like it.

love is only a feeling

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