looking for the drive

i tried searching for past websites i've made for some class projects back in undergrad. i'm glad all of them are still accessible. i haven't updated them because i really do not have the time. and i think i've forgotten how to handcode. sir arao's going to kill me hehe.

browsing through them however gave me some sense of amusement and fulfillment. amused at the thought that at some point, i was actually capable of creating one. i certainly think i can't make one now. fulfilled because i remembered the countless hours i spent working on them (handcoded pa--class requirement kasi), and the efforts somehow paid off, at least to me. and now, years after, i'm looking at them like some time capsule. memories trapped in the pages--one of the reasons i refuse to update them.

funny how browsing through these websites can give me that warm feeling that i never get out of law school these days.

i think i've lost the drive. i need to find one pretty soon.


was supposed to have dinner with college blockmates tonight for an early christmas celebration, but it didn't push through since most are not available. i spent some time chatting with blockmates and high school friends instead through ym. wasting my time? nah, time well spent i guess. the joys of having a 4-day weekend. tomorrow, back to civil procedure and avena, and a vow never to be made to sit down again for a lousy recit. if things work out, avena might just be the drive i need.

fyi: avena is the name of a terror prof. i have yet to judge for myself. as of now i'm suspending judgment and i'm abiding by the presumption of good faith.

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