i don't know what got into vic agustin's head but throwing water at someone's face will certainly not calm an angry man; it will infuriate him all the more. no matter how cold the water is.
of course, it's inappropriate to pass judgment on someone you don't know. renato constantino, the unfortunate receiver of an instant shower, must have been rude to the point of being annoying in that press conference. i certainly do not think that interrupting a press conference was a good thing to do. he could write all he want in his column, let these congressmen (tonggressmen as conrado de quiros would have it) talk all they want about con-ass in their presscon.
but throwing water at another columnist? that's unforgivable.
such a let-down for a pdi columnist. he must have been a huge fan of bituing walang ningning. lavinia wanna-be hehe.

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