better by the day

after having gone through the worst, everything just seems to get better and better.

got my second chance.

my parents are home for my brother's graduation. last time we were complete was 4 years ago.

my blockmates won murphy's law, a trivia contest, besting 24 other up law teams. (we got eliminated because of 2 sex and pornography questions at the start, or we were just plain lousy)

done with the class i was teaching.

portia ball, where i was "employed" as an escort, went well.

survived my (hopefully) last recit with the terrifying one, on her birthday!

property grades out; satisfied. got good grade "daw" in labor midterms (prof said it so might as well believe it).

done with my civpro digests.

enjoying my unexpected 2 days break.

mountain hike in tagaytay on sat.

one week til the end of classes. 4 exams to go before summer break.

got invited, got accepted and will start internship with a firm soon (although i'm not sure if this is a good idea on a summer, and i'm not too happy with the Firm, either...for experience's sake?)

looking forward to working with a lot of people in barops.

and for that summer trip somewhere, sometime, somehow.

here's to second chances!

incidentally, this entry is my 100th post on this blog. amazing, it took me all of 3 years to make 100 entries. lazy.

simulblog with pics at: driven 2

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