almost there

just 2 more exams and the sem's over!

unofficially, i'm on vacation right now as i'm relaxing already. this sem's greatest obstacle, civpro that is, ended wednesday night with a 6-10pm exam. finally, no more recits, no more marathon make-up classes (picture our sched last week: wed 2-9.30pm, fri, 7-11am, 7-10pm and these were recit classes), and no more of the terror inflicted by the Great V, oopss...i might be speaking too soon. it ain't over til the grades are out, and only then shall the fate of the VKV club be decided. (vkv stands for singko kung singko, the 16 students of 2b with suicidal tendencies who decided to stick it out til the end.)

with civpro out of the way (at least for now), it seems like it's vacation already. but wait, there's labor exam on monday and credit, can you believe this, make-up classes on the 3rd and the 4th (because we met only thrice this sem)? so when's our exam like? the 10th?

then internship starts on the 11th and ends on may 9. then bar operations. so i'm not getting any vacation?

no wonder why i'm relaxing these days.

almost there but i don't think i'll ever get there...vacation that is.

times like this, i envy my brother. it's his graduation today, but even before his graduation, he's been relaxing already. everytime he's home, he'll either eat, watch tv or sleep, studying only during exams. he leaves home early and comes home late but i still wake up much earlier and sleep much later (for an average of 4 hrs a night)? why not...try his lifestyle? nah, it probably won't work for me haha.

so why is an elder brother blogging while his brother's marching? that's because i got left behind! nope, i didn't wake up late. it's just that they're only allowed 2 guests each (that's for my mom and dad). and poor kuya still had to wake up early to act as production assistant/photographer/whatever (a.k.a. dakilang alalay) before they left. but no problem, i've been getting a lot of benefits lately, benefits that should've gone to the one graduating but guess who's been getting? haha (evil laugh).

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