last stretch

this sem is probably the worst i've had so far. everything seemed to pass by like a whirl. before i knew it, it's the end of the sem and there's plenty of catching up to do.

the day my family and i left for surigao to attend my lolo's wake, i found myself reading at the airport while waiting for the plane, reading during the flight, reading while aboard a van for a 3-hour road trip on the way to our town, reading during the wake, reading still the next day while on my way back to the airport, in the plane and while on a cab straight to a make-up class that lasted til 11pm. it was my first trip in more than a decade with my whole family (we somehow travelled separately) and wow, i wasn't there at all. they stayed behind for the burial; i flew back early to prepare for a midterm exam in evidence. how inhuman.

then came september, bar examinations month. with bar operations in full swing and with three exams on that month, all hell broke loose. there was just no way to study for the exams on weekends so i used what little time i had during the week, missing some classes if i had to, but there's just never enough time!

now, with final exams setting in, i still have tons of things to finish: case digests for about a hundred cases and some integrated outlines, apart from studying of course.

it doesn't help that i find myself in between bouts of not wanting to study at all these days. must be signs of burn out. last wednesday, i had to force myself to finish the assignment for evidence, which i'm glad i did coz i got called the next day for a 3-hour recit (buti na lang i was reciting with yvette). just my luck. i got called at around 7.30 pm, and i kept glancing at the watch, 8, 9, 10, but ma'am just wouldn't stop. we finished at almost 11pm. gutom na ako, masakit na ulo ko, pagod na ako but i did learn a lot. ma'am is officially my favorite prof. (hmm...i somehow have this penchant for finding the good side in those who terrorize others, with some exceptions)

to be fair, this sem isn't that bad at all. the bar operations went well, without a hitch, i think. thanks to the leadership of py and all the volunteers of barops. i didn't teach this sem and i gave up an RA job because i knew it would be very difficult to joggle all those things together. i'm glad everything turned out well.

and i'm even happier someone didn't give up on me while i was going through all these. babawi ako. can't wait for this sem to be over!

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