mind floating

i was unusually relaxed yesterday, the day of our evidence finals. after attempting to memorize the provisions, i didn't bother to go back to the cases, or even review the annotations. i was lounging in bed from time to time. i even left the house earlier than usual. but something told me something's amiss. something was bound to go wrong...somewhere.

i found out what went wrong when i got to philcoa. i just got off the jeep when i checked my bag...shoot, my wallet's not there! i checked my purse and counted the coins, 1...2...3...4...4.50. oh no, i can't even get to malcolm. i checked my bag again. no signs of my wallet. great. this is just the best time to forget your wallet, one hour before your final exam.

at least i was in philcoa, i thought. i could always, err, walk to malcolm? not exactly a pleasant option but at least that's a feasible last resort.

good thing my brother was in UP at that time for a training in red cross. i figured he must be done in a while so i asked him if he could drop by philcoa and spare me some bucks. just then, a miracle happened: he did. it's one of those days when it's good to have a brother. i can't even ask him to do anything at home, but at least he's there when you badly need some...cash hehe.

my friends told me i should've texted them so they could fetch me. that, i thought, was an option but it was too much of a hassle for them considering that they're also preparing for an exam so i didn't want to bother them. besides, my brother was around.

anyway, i arrived at malcolm just before 6 when the exam was supposed to start. ma'am gave us an extra hour by coming in at around 7, and gave us an extra hour for the exam so we ended at 10. you'd know when the day really gets weird when, in the middle of the preliminaries for the exam, i asked yvette, "hindi mo ba mami-miss si ma'am?" um, just what exactly did i say?

see, i wasn't really relaxed at all, i was out of my mind the whole time. probably because at the back of my mind, i was thinking about the two handwritten integrated outlines due this morning which i imagined to be about 20 long pages in length, a page of which i haven't even started writing as of last night. as with any other paper due this sem, it was a buzzerbeater finish. it was due 11am. i passed mine at 11:01, but the lady was kind enough to accept it. just my luck.

the evidence exam last night was fine, i think. i finished it so i think it was fine. but you can't really be sure.

after submitting my bluebook however, ma'am said something that really freaked me out, in a nice way. it made me wonder, how much do professors know about their students? i thought you can be anonymous in front of your prof if you really want to. hindi pala. hmmm, pano nya kaya nalaman yun?

anyway, i have 70 handwritten digests and 1 more exam to go before sembreak. sembreak here i come!

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