wanted: witness

if you know of a witness who has a talent in popping out of the blue, please let me know. i need one in about 8, make that 7.5, hours. haha.


7.5 hours later...

li navallo arrives in court to find out that...WALA SI JUDGE!

am i lucky or am i lucky? the heavens must have heard my prayer hehe. of course He didn't send me a witness, but taking the judge away (for only a day) has the same practical effect: hearing postponed, which means one more week to look for a witness. make that two weeks kasi walang pao lawyer next week. at baka three weeks pa since the fiscal might not be available on the third week. whew!

wait, i shouldn't be rejoicing because my client is in jail. hay...

just to be clear though, i did try my best to get a witness. really. kung pwede ko lang ikwento. hehe defensive masyado.

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