weirdest OLA experience

i know i have a hearing early tomorrow and i should be preparing for it but i just have to blog about this.

during my OLA duty last week, i talked to a 70-year-old woman whom i thought was our client. she looked normal and seemed to have a valid concern. so i told her to come back today with all the documents that we might need to do what she wanted us to do.

she came back this afternoon but to my surprise, she gave me this mean look when i greeted her along the corridor. i was puzzled because as far as i could remember, i was extra nice to her the last time and i couldn't recall anything that i did that could have offended her.

when i went inside the office, i was shocked at what she said to my co-interns. ruby said: "anong ginawa mo kay lola?" to which i replied, "huh? what do you mean?"

apparently, the old lady came up to them and asked that she be assigned to another intern. bastos raw kasi ako. she even asked if "edukado ba yun?" at ang likot-likot ko raw, nanghihingi ba daw ako ng pera.

my co-interns knew me better so they remained calm and continued to listen.

lola: "pakiramdam ko nga sinundan niya ako sa bahay."

at sinabi ko raw na "pa-k*****" (the K tagalog word which i can't even bring myself to utter). "paano kung nabuntis ako? kailangan panagutan nya yun!"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. can't keep myself from laughing. i've just been accused of sexually harassing a 70-year-old! good lord! we were laughing in the office the whole afternoon. (not at the client of course, but at the weird accusation).

now i could see the case being called out by the clerk of court: people of the philippines versus navallo, criminal case number so-and-so for sexual harassment. law intern michael jobert navallo, accused.

and i never knew i like old women pala. this made my day.

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