blogging in cotabato city!

after that early (mis)adventure at the naia3 terminal this morning (i.e., we got left behind), krizna and i finally arrived in cotabato city at 2pm this afternoon, thanks to pal (down with cebu pacific hehe). we went straight ahead to pacific heights hotel for the meeting with local lente volunteers and other election watchdogs. it's interesting that there's quite a number of citizens' organizations and foreign watchdogs that are taking part in this elections. even more fascinating are the number of law students who are willing to cut class for this initiative.

i'm excited for my job. apart from "municipality-hopping," i was tasked to help out in consolidating reports from different areas in the region and in preparing press releases for the media. sounds familiar? wow, is this college all over again?

we have one whole day to prepare for the elections on monday. lots of work to do tomorrow, but i'm looking forward to it.

so this is me, trying to live my backpack lawyer/journalist dream. never thought this is possible while being in law school. thanks lente.

now, can this trip get any better?

p.s. happy trip sa mga aalis tom for zamboanga, marawi and basilan. berns, arianne, abdel, dianna and kiko, ingat kayo guys! see you wednesday.

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