have you seen the light?

a page a day keeps the writer’s blues away, a friend told me once (although he worded it in a less corny way) and so here i am posting my second entry. the first one was no good really, was just testing the waters if i may say so. hope to make some sense here.

btw, i’m jobert, a journalism student at up diliman. just turned 19 this month, and of all the dates in the calendar, it fell on good friday (huh, no food fest this time!). i’m matakaw but for some reason, my head is still disproportionately larger compared to my body (i’m exaggerating, ok?) and so i’m now bent on buying antiox the next time i visit the pharmacy.

so why am i suddenly caught by the blog bug? i dunno. maybe after months of stalking some other people’s blog (including those i barely know), i’ve finally decided to take the plunge. not a bad idea after all. it’s like keeping a diary of sorts, although i don’t intend to end up sounding mushy, cheesy and all. (now i’m corny, and that’s a given.)

but it wasn’t after the other night, when i was stalking again, that i once and for all created my own account. i had second thoughts before (given my schedule, do i have the time?) but after reading some really nice entries, where i applied textual analysis to come up with the conclusion that blogging can be used to substitute for a bestfriend (subject to validity and reliability tests), i have seen the light and i am now, officially a blogger! congratulations to me haha.(do i sound like a mad scientist?)

blogging, i realized, is like putting into words all that transpired within a given day. it’s like writing your own historical account where you get to be the hero (oops, my narcissistic tendencies are showing—note: keyword is tendencies).

for a student-journalist like me, it makes sense too. my job is to record the most significant events that took place and what, i can’t even write about what’s happening in my life?

oh well, makes me think about the ironies in life. life is one big irony. we live to die one day. but at least, it’s up to us to get up and live each day and savor each moment. (naks, profound).

so why seeing the light? aside from seeing the positive side of blogging, i find it an apt title to characterize what else, my life. been through and still am in some soul searching these past few months, and mind you, i’m still lost in the dark. groping. feeling around. searching uncertainly. trying to find my way into the light. more like seeking the light actually. but the end of it all is to see the light and embrace it. sigh. still a long way to go.

so much for the philosophical crap. one point i have to make though is that i am happy and contented with my life right now. can’t be any better. have all that i could wish for. i still have my dreams and ambitions but i’m glad that i’m in the process of realizing them. what makes the whole picture brighter are the people i have around me.

i’m lucky. no, as my psych professor would correct me in one of my papers, i’m blessed. i truly am.

do i love you because you are beautiful? or are you beautiful because i love you?

p.s. ignore the signature. as i've said, i'm still groping in the dark...