not my day

didn’t go to crame today, as i’ve told you before. kinda felt bad for some reason. i was raring to go but i had other commitments at hand so i just had to stay in up and attend to them.

as it turned out, sir christian did the abu sayyaf story, 5 suspected terrorists nabbed. of all days! darn. learned my lesson though: am not leaving my post anymore huhu.

on second thought, it might have been better that i wasn’t there. i might have messed things up. imagine the complication: a reporter having to guide his trainee while the rest of the pnp press corps are scrambling for the latest on the arrest of the alleged terrorists. yokong maging pabigat.

anyway, what was supposed to be a briefing for volunteer ushers ended up as a planning session for the processional and the seating arrangement. come to think of it, not everyone was around so i have to meet the rest tomorrow.

attended the fopc meeting for upjc at 4 before meeting up with the council for semplanning. we were sorta “hamlet-ish” this afternoon that we decided to call the whole thing off after pondering about it for about two hours in the darkness of the masscomm lobby. all the while we were singing. bonding moment, i suppose. gee, i wonder if we’ll ever get things done.

sorry if some sentences don’t sound right. am really tired and sleepy, but still have to text d ushers. and plan. oh well, this is life.

just to give you an update: finally got her number, thanks to my trainor. i texted her:

me: gud pm! ma’am, ds s jobert, sir ian’s trainee. got ur number from him, hope u don’t mind. follow up ko lang po ung survey forms kung kulang. sori 2 bother u.

after 48 years, no reply. sigh. not my day today.

do i love you because you are beautiful? or are you beautiful because i love you?