mga idol

another byline! yahoo!

pardon the kayabangan, if it may seem to you that way. like any other budding journalist, i just have to celebrate every little successes. it’s like being happy for what you receive each day because you’ll never know until when you’ll get to receive them—that’s if you’re given another chance. (malalim ba?)

sorry if i have to type the article’s title: culiat folk hit cop raid by christian esguerra and michael jobert i. navallo. can’t help it. i guess i’m just so lucky that i was assigned to a great trainor. (former varsitarian eic ba naman.) feeling ko nga salingpusa lang pangalan ko dun e.

really, i don’t think i’m good enough. sir christian is the best. idol talaga when it comes to writing and editing and contextualizing. compared to him, suddenly i am a lowly apprentice who have forgotten all the techniques i learned in class. have no qualms about it though. i’ll learn, and i’ll learn from the best.

speaking of idol, another one of my idols, nick joaquin, passed away yesterday. heard about it in crame yesterday and i was all agog about going to san juan, never mind if i don’t know the streets there. but i was told a special reporter will cover it and so i did read in today’s paper volt contreras and ruel de vera’s fitting tribute to a “master.” the artik is really good, you have to read it.

too bad i can’t meet him anymore. i was hoping i could meet the man who is both a journalist and a litterateur, combining what others would consider opposite worlds. he proved them wrong of course, being both using two different names and in both cases, showing mastery of the craft. how i wish i could be like him! but that’s a long way to go, if that’s even possible. literary works are my pitfall. i feel i’m not creative enough, with each piece i write always wanting, always lacking, and that it’s not good enough. (you know very well how i hate mediocrity.)

i’ve got other idols pa. jose rizal is certainly one of them (and no, it’s not because chickboy siya—debatable daw yun). i’m also open to meeting more idols, probably newer and younger ones. and did i say prof. x used to be my favorite cartoon character? (not sure now but i know i like peace better—kaya make peace not war, ok?)

anyway, on to internship-related matters. while on my way to san juan this morning, i decided to drop by vp candidate noli de castro’s headquarters in edsa, q. ave., to get a reaction on yesterday’s story. talked to some people but the conversations were off the record. kabayan’s spokesman also decided not to issue a statement so there blew my chance for another scoop.

what did i do in san juan? i asked some info from the comelec, checked out a police station and the eastern police district, familiarized myself with the place and well, ate at chowking (gutom na ko that time you know). got a few contacts too, so i can start calling them tomorrow for updates. one cop asked if i had a calling card. i said i have yet to make one so i scribbled contact info on a leaf i tore off from my notes. i was there on my own since my new boss sir luige was not available today.

i reported to crame at around 2. sa kabaitan na naman ni sir christian, he gave me the transcript of the press briefing which took place just before lunch. he told me to do the story, which i did, and so there, my sole article for the day. hope it’ll see print tomorrow.

timecheck: 10:30 but i’m really sleepy. perhaps it’s time to end this entry.

notable update? nothing. ms. mu was there this afternoon but left moments after i arrived. turns out she had chitchat with lawrence, cess and the other peeps at aguinaldo. sige, mang-inggit pa kayo. (what the hell am i writing? sorry, antok na talaga.)

i do have an explosive story to tell. but i’ll reserve it for the weekend, so that i have something journ-related to post. til then.

tomorrow, tomorrow, i love you tomorrow, you’re always (as a star circle kid questor puts it) away a day!