had a chat with mom today. finally, after some time. it's good to hear that she and dad are doing fine and that our cousins there couldn't be better off.

funny how chatting has made us even closer despite the physical distance. ironic, it would seem, that just when you're far apart, that's the only time you get to really talk things over and eat your heart out. maybe because chatting is non-confrontational, and you get to think twice before saying what you mean. (of course, there are some things i keep to myself...but i did promise them and i'm keeping my word.)

it's moments like these, right after bidding each other goodbye and closing that dialog box, that i realize i miss them. not that i didn't know that all along. it's just that when you get caught up in your acads and all your extracurricular stuffs, you barely have time to think about the people and the things you miss. suddenly, when i find myself doing nothing, that's when i remember, and it makes me sad. how i hate the feeling!

thank God i'm in up, where burying yourself to work is not an option--it is the only choice. and what are friends there for?

but i've learned another way to keep those sad thoughts at bay: smiling. yep, psych taught me that. when you're not feeling so good, smile and you'll feel better.

at least i did.

smile, an everlasting smile... corny

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