clean-up day today at the cmc student council office. for three hours or more, i and my councilmates were busy dusting dirt off the cabinets, re-arranging the files, scrubbing the walls and mopping the floor. went around maskom looking like a madungis na basahan carrying a pail of water and the mop. geesh, did i sweat a lot! by the time we were done, nangangati na ko. it ain't easy being a janitor pala.

can't forget the look on the faces of everyone who saw me. haha. they were like, jobert, ikaw yan? anong nangyari sa'yo? i didn't mind though. i don't mind doing menial things if it's for the sake of the council, or any org/club/society/whatever, for that matter.


after changing and freshening up, i sat in ma'am carlos' feature writing class. we went to the lagoon and she made us sit for 7 minutes doing nothing. we were told to watch and look around. just that. but i couldn't keep my mind from wandering. there's just so many things to think about.

pero astig talaga si ma'am carlos. i think i might need the activity when i'm about to write something. talk about stillness of the mind. and letting your creative juices flow. (pano kung tuyo na?)


ended d day with a mass. they sang that song again. after months of missing it, there it was, that melody so haunting, nakakatindig-balahibo. not that it was scary. it was...i don't know. it just hit me right through. it never fails to make me pause and just listen to it.

neway, pizzafest after. never thought i'd survive dinner without eating rice but as it turned out, nakakabusog din naman pala pizza. it's not as if i haven't done it before. la lang. gusto ko lang isulat.

what a day indeed

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