memory lane

my yahoo account's super full already. if i don't check it for, say, 2 days, it goes beyond the 6MB limit. i need not wonder though. 16 yahoo groups + another one i made just a while ago for sts class. 151 messages in my inbox, which, for some reason, i couldn't bring myself to delete.

i tried checking d really old ones. can't believe i haven't deleted plenty of forwarded messages, e-greeting cards, and a barrage of stupid mails such as one from cupidplanet.com which says: someone has a crush on you...

was surprised to see mushy stuffs too. lengthy letters from my ex, telling me about her day, with occasional parinig of tampo at selos na rin hehe. then there's one from d girl i met n baguio, really cheesy... and of course, messages from d one who got away. she hadn't been replying to my messages lately, tinamad na rin akong magsend. she might be busy there in tate u know.

browsing thru those old messages left me feeling nostalgic for some time. matagal-tagal na rin kasi ung mga un. m talking about mails sent to me 3-4 years ago. they somehow reminded me of the what-could-have-beens and the what-should-have-beens. (funny how of all the things you miss, the ones that didn't happen strike you the most.)

oh well, i have my own life now. can't afford to live in the past and miss the present. not again.

cheers guys to our last year in college!

live for the moment.

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