sembreak blues

and i thought i could sleep my way throughout the whole sembreak.

halfway through, i realized i can't be a couch potato. you see, i've positioned the tv and the dvd player right in front of my bed so i'd spend the whole day either sleeping or watching, but no, my conscience is killing me. i need to do something. i need to be productive. i need to be useful.

so i went out of the house a couple of times to do some errands (self-imposed) or to simply meet friends. watched corpse bride with blockmates but for some reason, classroom discussions keep haunting me. can there be a valid marriage between the living and the dead? it's void! no legal capacity, no consent, no solemnizing officer, no marriage license, no marriage ceremony. not one of the requisites present! "we are amongst the living, we must abide by their rules"--lex loci celebrationis? my god, it's sembreak. give me a break.

watched a couple of movies at home. it was even more traumatic.
mr. & mrs. smith--attempt to kill the spouse can be a ground for legal separation
naked weapon--madame x and the china doll assassins' crimes can be aggravated by the circumstance of price, promise or reward
unfaithful--killing your wife's lover would have been justified if you caught them in the act...
kill bill 1--retaliation is not self-defense

i watch the news and it's all there. eo 464, cpr, eo 453...consti exam? dokyu--child trafficking. ayoko na, mababaliw na ako.

what makes it even more traumatic is that they all remind me that i'll soon be receiving a failing grade by the 26th because for sure, i flunked the finals. hay...3 has never been beautiful a grade.

with boredom slowly creeping in, i turn around and look for something to read. i don't want to touch law books, at least not now. but i have yet to borrow a copy of harry potter 1 and start reading while everyone's so excited about the 4th movie coming soon. so i looked at my shelf and tada...readings in social science II. plato to durkheim. that's what's keeping me busy today. oh well, til i get bored. if i'm really bored to death, i might as well read my brother's nursing books. added knowledge don't you think? then i might as well enrol in a nursing course and go abroad and earn big bucks. nah, i like it here in the philippines.

one thing i missed but just can't get myself to doing is writing and doing field work. updating this blog took me days, only to decide in the end that i'll just write 3 words. tulog! tulog! tulog! so many things to write about but no idea where to start.

yesterday, while on our way to the supreme court for a tour, i saw microwave vans along plaza miranda. ah, another rally i surmised. last time i was in the supreme court, there was also a big rally. the issue back then was fpj's citizenship. i remember getting off at ust, running after a producer of probe. my job was to bring the tapes as close as possible to her since she was bringing the camera. until then, i didn't know sprint lessons could be useful to journalists.

how i miss those days. i was thinking of doing fieldwork yesterday since our tour didn't push through. but for whom? i would have volunteered to assist anyone doing a coverage. but i didn't know anyone so i decided to go home. aboard the lrt, i saw smoke rising from the welcome rotonda area. would have been a metro story.

around this time last year, i was in surigao for the thesis. hay... i miss the whole thing...conceptualizing the story, researching, setting appointments, conducting interviews, writing the article... hope i'm still capable of doing it. we barely have writing assignments in law school. if there are, research is confined to cases, laws, and other things in the library. should be easy for us, although not quite. i still miss going out, getting lost and meeting people.

i could start writing about happy things =) but unlike celebrity crushes, real things i need to keep for myself hehe. =) all i know is: kung ikaw ay masaya tumawa ka...

birthday pala ng brother ko ngayon. la akong regalo sa kanya. uso pa ba yun?


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ace of hearts said...

i bet di lang yun namimish mos athesis days, hehe Ü
nagmontsy na ulit kayo di bA/ hapi Ü