speaking of which

the prof (see previous post) did call me this afternoon--just when i had a hard time breathing due to a runny nose made worse by a slight headache. it didn't help that his questions were tricky. lalo akong nalula. nakatayo pa man din ako the whole 2 hours. bonamine!

btw, what's with horses and old people? another prof, who's set to retire next march, always cites horses as an example in his class. (what's an accessory to a horse? what's an accession to it?) not just any horse ha: young female horse. heifer ba tawag dun?

wisdom nga daw comes with age. hope i won't be too old by the time i finally become wise.

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Gem said...

Well, someone told me (harhar, hearsay!) na that particular old professor owns a racehorse. Although, someone else refuted that statement, kasi the first person told me na he owned Windblown. The second person said that Windblown was registered to someone else. (Although, sabi rin niya na possible din na pina-register sa iba, kasi pangit nga naman tignan na lawyer and law professor tapos may racehorse.)