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i promised rhea i'll visit her at work one of these days. sunday seemed to be the most appropriate day (no bosses, less work, fewer people) and so i spent the whole afternoon there last sunday...just watching her fret over a lot of things (ang cute!). and for other purposes as well...(ok, ok, magbantay na rin kasi la pa naman akong mole dun...oo na, andun din si ms. mu hehe. joke lang yun ha.)

big news of the day: si gloria, nakuryente. inosente pala ang nahuli at hindi ang notorious na suspek.

there she goes again. in her haste to present the "achievements" of her administration, she and her people seemed to have forgotten the basics of verification. and she refuses to apologize. the gall!

oh well, no sense ruining a good day.

i stayed on pretending to be busy--tumulong nang konti sa pag-aayos, nagdial ng mga numero at bumili ng pagkain (na ayaw namang kainin--busog na raw kasi siya. hmmm...mukha ba kong nakakabusog?).

work there seemed endless for deskpersons like rhea, or was it just her? kung workaholic ako, i don't know kung ano pa siya hehe. at least ako pag gutom kumakain. i told her there's no sense dying out of hunger for a company who can easily fire you with a piece of paper. then again, i shouldn't have forgotten. it's rhea. and this isn't just about employment.

was supposed to stay only til 5 p.m. i told my brother and my cousin, who invited me to watch yet another pba game at araneta, that i'd catch up with them by 6 p.m. well, 6 p.m. came then 7, then 8, til they finally went home at 9 p.m. but i was still there, waiting for her to finish her work. and still trying--to no avail--to convince her to eat.

finally, at 11 p.m., she decided she's done (she's supposed to be out by 9!). i was really really hungry by then. how can i eat when she hadn't even eaten lunch! we took a late dinner at t. morato then headed home (to our different houses, just to make it clear). i could sense she's tired and drained but she has to wake up early the next day. wawa naman. ako nga, nanonood lang, nanghihina na sa gutom at sumasakit na ang ulo sa lamig ng aircon. pano pa siya?

ganun pala sa newsroom. taxing but fun. the adrenalin rush is always there--aatakehin ka nga raw sa puso.

ganun din naman sa basketball, heartstopping action ika nga. but given a choice between watching a pba game and staying inside a newsroom for hours even as a bystander doing nothing, i need not think twice. it's never easy to forget something you've loved all your life.

but at this point i harbor no illusions of leaving law school for a job in the media--no matter how tempting. though a part of me yearns to go out there and look for a story, i remind myself that for every minute i spend studying and attending class, i gain knowledge that i can use in the future. though i sorely miss and sometimes envy my friends who are out there working, i can't imagine leaving my new block behind. and though i cringe at the thought of having to make do with less time together for the next couple of years because law school simply won't allow me to see her every night, i also realize i can't exchange a moment of pleasure for lifelong bliss.

as i've said before, i will finish what i've started...or at least try to. unless law school throws me out of the window and closes its doors on me, i'm sticking it out here. this is something i want and love. and i don't want to squander the opportunity that so many people out there have been dying to get hold of.

thanks rhea. every moment i've spent with you has been magical.

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jobito! ui... ang sweeet! ;p