english anyone?

finally started the english lecture this afternoon at ua&p.

i was a bit nervous at first. these kids are graduates of quesci, phisci and st. jude afterall so they are definitely above your average high school students. plus, they passed a 4-year full scholarship to a university in taiwan. maseswerte na, matatalino pa!

on top of these, the lecture was in english so i had to psyche myself up to keep myself from stammering and my tongue from slipping. you never know when your bisaya accent will kill you.

but as it turned out, the lecture went really went. the moment i stepped on the podium, it felt like comm3 days again (without ms yebron of course). i don't know, i just felt at home and at ease.

it helped that the students were very receptive and participative, too. after 30 minutes of introduction (we should know each other, shouldn't we?), we had a one-hour discussion on reading. we spent the next hour doing boardwork (ala-ma'am carlos hehe) but they were still very much into the discussion when we ended at around 6:30 p.m. cool!

mukhang may natutunan naman ata sila, pati ang ilang parents.

sarap ng feeling after. i felt contented; t'was as if i accomplished something. hay...the sense of fulfillment--one thing i'll surely miss about tutorials. (hope my tutees will do well this coming year without me.)

tomorrow, we'll continue with the writing lecture. then, public speaking on thursday (who has the red comm3 book? pahiram asap). it's on to research on friday, the last day of the seminar.

i hope all lectures in the next few days will go smoothly as it did this afternoon. it's always nice to meet young bright people. hope they do well in taiwan.

speaking of tomorrow, bukas na ang final interview ko sa inquirer. and i thought lawrence and i were off the hook. buti si lawrence he lost his phone so di siya makontak ni ma'am christy. (cy pala will start on monday!)

pano ko kaya sasabihin tom sa hr manager na, sir, i plan to take further studies (na hindi nila ako pagbabayarin ng 40t?). hmmm...magpapraktis na ako tonight. wish me luck!

by some stroke of luck, may nag-ooffer sakin ng part-time editing job na 10t a month. i don't know if seryoso sya or if seseryosohin ko rin, hmmm...i told him you pay too much sir. buong sweldo na yan ng full-time cub reporter sa inquirer a!

i don't really want to give my word yet coz i might not be able to live up to it. i heard 16 hours a day daw ang aralan sa law school.

hindi pa nga ako nakakabalik dun sa exchange student program where i write part-time. they were asking kung monthly ba daw o per article ang gusto kong rate. i told them i have yet to adjust sa law school.

i just want to be a good student this time. wag na munang masyadong extra-curriculars, except the stuffs i can't afford to give up.

i owe it to everyone, mostly to Him, to do well in law school. after that, let's see what will happen.

for the meantime, excited na kong magprepare ng ppt at hand-outs for tomorrow. i just love teaching! (di ko na alam profession ko...basta, babalikan ko ang media--news, hindi showbiz.)


Pamy said...

oh, so now you allow anonymous comments. :)
well, you sound very busy, as always.

armi said...

kaya pala naghahanap ka ng comm3 book, sinusundan ang yapak ni Ms. "Oprah" ;)

armi said...

kaya pala naghahanap ka ng comm3 book, sinusundan ang yapak ni Ms. "Oprah" ;)

armi said...

kaya pala naghahanap ka ng comm3 book, sinusundan ang yapak ni Ms. "Oprah" ;)

armi said...

kaya pala naghahanap ka ng comm3 book, sinusundan ang yapak ni Ms. "Oprah" ;)