i left the house 6 am yesterday resigned to the fact that i'm no longer going to the world youth day. i had to shell out 110 euros for the reg fee due yesterday. e kahit 500 pesos wala ako sa wallet ko.

to my surprise, pera ang lumapit sa'kin. a friend of mine was literally handing me part of the sum needed. he was willing to lend it to me. at first nag-aalangan talaga ako coz san naman ako kukuha nung remaining sum? my friends told me to ask this other friend of ours. aba, in 30 mins, solved na problem ko! may pambayad na ko.

kaya ngayon, baon ako sa utang. at some other time and in some other situation, i wouldn't have accepted the money. san ako ng pambayad?

if it were not for the chance to meet the pope, to see cologne and 3 other cities, to go out of the country for the first time, to meet young people from different countries--a chance that might not happen again--i wouldn't have taken the risk.

it helps that should we fail to raise the amount for the plane fare, we'll get full refund so i can safely return the money to the owners. but i'm really hoping to raise enough funds to go there.

so i started scouting for part-time work (the guy who asked inquirer not to employ him is now looking for a job, hmmm...). i asked the guy i was referring to in my previous post (who was willing to pay too much...i don't know if he will still though) and he said he'll give me an editing job. then i plan to go back to that foreign exchange program to write for them.

i'm willing to work my way for this but as i've said, i'll simply spare my family and relatives from this. in fact, they don't even know that i'm considering going to cologne. they thought i was backing out because of the cost.

but this is too good a chance to pass up. as that friend who offered to lend me money said, if there's anything to blame for not going to cologne, it's not the lack of money but the lack of will. so ayun, pakapalan na ng mukha. bahala na how to raise the plane fare.

another friend said what happened yesterday was probably a sign i should be there in the wyd. maybe. sana nga makapunta.

anyway, i've heard this story about a girl writing everyone she knew and posting all over her blog that she needed money to go to another international youth event (was it world youth day?) she got more money than she asked for from complete strangers, some coming from the middle east. will this happen to me? hmm...wishful thinking.

i'm just so tired right now. came home 12 mn from a leadership seminar my org gave to youth leaders in pampanga. i'm off early tomorrow (or is it later?) 6 am to malate church to meet some folks. it's 2:30 am and i'm still blogging. good luck to me.

hindi umulan ng pera pero pera lumapit sa'kin. 'yang mga may work d'yan, baka naman pwede niyo kong tulungan hehe.

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