will be away for a few days. i'm going through an operation on thursday. will be admitted to the hospital tomorrow afternoon. hope to be home by saturday.

i'm not quite comfortable sharing the details of the surgery. it has something to do with the intestines but i think it's not that big. at least i feel well despite occasional discomforts these past few months (or maybe year).

the doctor said i may have to rest for a week or two after the operation, just in time for classes. hope everything turns out fine.

the operation is costly. there goes my chance of going to the wyd. but nothing is impossible i guess, so i may still have both my colon and cologne (germany), as one friend joked. (of course my condition isn't that serious.) isaw party daw after.

i guess this is the "parusa" for all the stress and the "pabaya" these past few years. or maybe for my wickedness. or katakawan. the bright side is that i get to rest, for a valid reason.

sana hindi masakit.

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