22 and counting

plenty of reasons to be thankful for, first of which is that my birthday this year didn't fall on a good friday as it did several times in the past. that means...no fasting and abstinence hehe.

rhea asked me what's my wish this year. well, i honestly don't know. can't think of any. i think i already have most of the things i would have wished for, and i didn't even have to ask for them.

it would've been nice if my parents were still here (they left last friday), but it's not too much of a loss either. birthday or not, i was with them for a couple of weeks.

it would've been nice if our block didn't get dissolved, but such is life and there's a reason for everything. at least we spent 2 great years together.

it would've been nice if i get to have all the material things i want, but what for? i have what i need. others don't even have the barest essentials.

ah, just one more thing. enlightenment. i just need to know for certain which path to take, which road to follow. hopefully this summer.

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