misadventures of a law intern

on the rare occasions that i take the bus on the way home, something bad happens. on monday, my old phone got stolen straight out of my bag. tonight, i got stuck in ortigas for almost an hour!

ah, just one of the price to pay for a summer internship.

last week, i didn't join my blockmates for their cebu-bohol adventure. i was viewing their pics this morning (in the office, of all places). how i wished i was there. they went to a lot of places, some of which i haven't been to despite my 10-year stay in cebu. it would've been the best time for me to meet up with my high school friends. sayang!

last weekend, i got left behind as my relatives all headed to surigao for my uncle's 25th anniversary of his ordination into priesthood. 25 years is such a long time that a big celebration is only fitting. they spent one night at an island. last i heard, they all went to siargao (famous for surfing). ha, i should've been there also.

now, i can't go to davao for a volunteer work. would've been my first trip there.

but hey, i made a choice and i'm not exactly regretting it.

i'm learning a lot, afterall.

apart from legal research, now know how to operate a photocopier and a coffeemaker. not that we are asked to photocopy documents or prepare coffee, i just find it uncomfortable to ask the non-legal staff to do these things for me because well, i'm not yet a lawyer.

this weekend, i MUST learn how to 1) swim breaststroke 2) swim long enough to finish one lap, and 3) swim fast enough to try to win. that's because next week is the firm's sportsfest and guess which sport i'm competing in?

two words: good luck! good thing i have all of sunday to prepare, and rhea's willing to join me.

if it's any consolation, there's free food in the office. for a growing child like me, that should be enough hehe.

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siri said...

hi jobert! belated haberdei. hehe. blockmate mo ba si andi lacuesta? i know her from high school :)