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be careful what you wish for.

i was lounging around most of the time yesterday at work, waiting for "the call" from my supervising lawyers. at one point, i made the call myself to ask if there's something i can do (baliw talaga). work did come at past 5pm. then another one came, due monday. now, i'm swamped with work! (and i'm not complaining.)

since i wouldn't be reporting to work today as i have to attend a long overdue make-up class that keeps getting postponed, i decided to stick around and get the first job done. i managed to finish making the digests of half of the cases assigned to me before i realized that it was 12mn already (work supposedly ends at 6 or 7pm). considering that i was the only one left at the apprentice's office and that the owner of the building was in critical condition at that time (who knows he might say goodbye soon to come and visit me), i decided to call it quits hehe. truth is, i was dead tired already that i hailed a cab on the way home.

to be clear though, i wasn't required to stay late. we are free to go home after 6 provided our work is done. my SL texted me this morning that i could submit the digests on monday. yun naman pala e!

work, as of now, isn't really as toxic as i expected it to be. we spent at least two hours yesterday "entertaining" the lawyers. we were invited to the testimonial luncheon for new lawyers where we, the apprentices, were asked to do a surprise number. within 5 minutes, we came up with an r. kelly, spice girls and backstreet boys medley, complete with choreography. that's in exchange for the sumptuous lunch which included lechon, kare-kare, pancit, adobo and halu-halo! how's that for internship, eh? i wonder what we'll be asked to do next...

the down side is that we were forced to reveal really embarrassing trivias about ourselves. one is now known as ms. topless, the other, the jailed jaywalker. as for me, i'm not telling.


off to school i went this afternoon, only to find out we're not having classes for the Nth time. worst, we're holding our exam three days before enrolment in june! looks like someone's spending his summer studying, hay... so much for staying late in the office and for not reporting to work.

the bright side is that i did meet my blockmates today. as birthday treat, i bought pizza, ice cream and softdrinks. gem and yvette chipped in, their treat to the block for getting 1.75 from the terrifying one.

i also got my gift from my blockmates. the note read:

"jobert, this is to keep you looking and feeling fresh when you deal with your *ahem* clients and your boss (should be bosses hehe). have fun during your internship. don't get too stressed out. happy birthday! from: the block, cess and van"

naks, how sweet naman.

what also made my day today was when i met some of our alumni who recently passed the bar while on my way home. they thanked me for the barops work we did last time and even convinced me to go back to the college for the testimonial activity (where there's free food). what a way to inspire me to continue with my barops work.

when i got back to the college however, my blockmates invited me to go with them to sm north. being the kaladkarin that i am for today, i did go with them, only to miss the testimonial when we came back. oh well, the food probably didn't taste good anyway hehe. besides, block comes first. always will b. (that's our new tagline for our block shirt, for the block that once was b and always will b, despite the dissolution.)

tomorrow, steve is throwing an overnight birthday party at montalban, rizal. should be fun. pictures at multiply soon.

simulblog with pics at: driven 2

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