day of survival

first things first, VKV (singko kung singko) club survives! the prof submitted the grades already and we all passed "daw." woohoo. i'm hoping this is for real. walang bawian!


today was the first day of our apprenticeship at the thou-shall-not-be-named law firm. there are 10 of us apprentices (6 from up and 4 from ateneo) and we get to occupy the offices at the 6th floor of the building (just us, plus some unseen companions hehe). it's more of a waiting room really, where we await work which comes in the form of "the call."

as soon as we get assignments, we work on it either on our desktop, or rush to the library at the 4th floor, or head to the 9th floor to do some research in the lex libris. sounds like a lot of exercise, eh?

the exercise is needed however to offset the not so healthy lifestyle. free food + free coffee + lots of work + long hours of work (9 to 9 i heard) = deadly combination. good thing first day wasn't as toxic as i thought it would be, as we, the apprentices, spent almost the entire morning just getting acquainted with each other. (o, acquainted lang ha.)

i like the job so far, particularly the adrenalin rush i get while raising to beat a deadline. reminds me so much of the newsroom, except that here, there's no news. at least not yet.

the people are also very warm and accommodating. the partners joke around like everyone else does that sometimes you'd forget you're in a law firm. and you get to talk to them and share tables with them too. the only problem is that you can't leave until they're done. when you have work to do, that would really be a problem!

i just hope to enjoy this internship and learn a lot from it, too. of course, to survive in one piece would be the goal on top of anything else.

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