bye dalmie!

dalmie, one of our 3 dogs, died today after he vomited and defecated blood. he turned 1 year last month.

i'm not really fond of dogs. but when you got used to having them around, you somehow know something's missing when one of them is not there. nakakamiss din pala.

and how can i not miss dalmie? he's makulit, maingay, masiba. he'd bark at me each time i enter the gate every single day as if i don't live here. it gets annoying at times, but maybe it was just his way of making lambing.

in the end though, it was his pagiging masiba that killed him. my friend said he must have eaten a rat poison or something. our driver believes someone gave him bubog (little pieces of glass). poor dog, he never turns down any food given to him.

we called him dalmie because he was cuddly when he was young, with spots of black all over his body, resembling that of a dalmatian. he might not have been a true dalmatian, being an askal that he was, but to us, he will always remain just that - dalmie, the dog who died before his time.

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